The MobileHCI 2020 workshop “Learning from mHealth Success Stories: Effective Interventions for Marginalised Populations” is intended to critically reflect on effective (and less effective) mHealth interventions with an interdisciplinary lens, bringing together researchers from HCI, public health and related disciplines. We focus on marginalised groups, e.g. low-income populations from rural areas, developing countries or with low digital health literacy.

Papers Deadline: July 10, 2020, AoE
Decisions: July 30, 2020
Workshop: Monday, October 5, 2020 🗓
Location: virtual

Covid-19 Note: MobileHCI will be a complete virtual event. We are currently discussing remote collaboration tools for this workshop. Stay tuned!


  • Discuss HCI and related topics on how to reach marginalised groups with mHealth interventions
  • Analyse success (and failure) stories of mHealth projects beyond the scope of single disciplines such as HCI
  • Explore interdisciplinary working and associated differences in nomenclature and common practices in design, development and evaluation
  • Collect initial ideas and concepts for a framework of multidisciplinary mHealth intervention development

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